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CaoimheLoveFool, 28 y/o

From Searching for a Man

I'm a Woman

Searching for a Man

My Age is 28

My BodyType is Slim

My Ethnicity is Caucasian

I'm From

My Relationship Status is Single

I Work as Medical Services

About CaoimheLoveFool

I am 28, sexy, likes thrill, loves excitement and in a relationship. He's a good guy don't get me wrong, I'm just the type that can't help myself but explore other men and experience their cock in me! Looking for someone who I can meet and fuck discretely! It's not my first time, I already fucked 3 guys on this site! No plans on leaving my BF, no intimacy, just casual sex 🙂 The thrill of being with someone else gets my heart pounding and my pussy wet in excitement! DM me!

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