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Honeyjoy, 47 y/o

From Searching for a Man

I'm a Woman

Searching for a Man

My Age is 47

My BodyType is Slim

My Ethnicity is Caucasian

I'm From

My Relationship Status is Single

I Work as Gym Trainer

About Honeyjoy

Hi all! I am 47 years old and looking for a voracious fetishist. My fetish are my soft feet and i am looking for a man that will pamper them and lick them and kiss them and go totally crazy when he sees my sexy feet while donning a seduective lingerie. Of course I will not forget about your pleasure and i will use my feet for your excitement! If this sounds interesting to you, I can dominate you as well or vice versa but we could explore that area together and see what we like 😉 If this attracts you, respond! The horny and lustful woman in me awaits!

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