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Nordica, 43 y/o

From Searching for a Man

I'm a Woman

Searching for a Man

My Age is 43

My BodyType is Slim

My Ethnicity is Caucasian

I'm From

My Relationship Status is Single

I Work as Factory Worker

About Nordica

I’ve been single for a while now and I’m starting to miss a couple of things… mainly the fact that I can have sex whenever and wherever I want! So I thought I’d have a look online… It’s free and I can do it from the comfort of my own home… so why not? People say there bad men online but theres bad men everywhere unfrortunately so that wouldnt stop me. Plus I have my instincts, if I don’t trust someone I’ll just block them. And one of the better things is I get to get straight to the point! I WANT SEX, I WANT A BIG COCK! Send me pics and let me see. Simple as that! So I’m gonna just wait here, sift thru the replies and meet and fuck the nicest looking man with the yummyest dick I see! :p

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