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Prita1993, 43 y/o

From Searching for a Man

I'm a Woman

Searching for a Man

My Age is 43

My BodyType is Slim

My Ethnicity is Caucasian

I'm From

My Relationship Status is Single

I Work as School Psychologist

About Prita1993

I’m a slim petite mother of one. I dont wear lots of makeup and I’m still beautiful! What I want is simple, I want one, two, three, as many big dicked black men I can find for ANYTHING! Fuck my ass, my pussy, my mouth, or all at the same time! I know I sound slutty but actually I’ve never did anything like this, also, equal rights right?. What men want… I also WANT… SEX! Since becoming a mom and wife I’ve craved domination by big dicked black guys. My pussy gets wet just thinking about a black man stretching me open and cumming all over my face or ass!

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