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TrixyKinkyslut, 34 y/o

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I'm a Woman

Searching for a Man

My Age is 34

My BodyType is Busty

My Ethnicity is Caucasian

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My Relationship Status is Single

I Work as Tour Guide

About TrixyKinkyslut

Hey all. I was one of those girls who found sex at an early age. I gave up my virginity at 14, and have been giving it up on a regular basis ever since. Girls always used to call me a slut, but at least I had something to do every weekend. I’m old enough now to make my own decisions without people calling me a slut. I’m not 14 anymore, but I love sex more than ever! And yes, I do still have my school uniform, but it’s a little smaller than it used to be. The skirt barely covers my ass. If you play your cards right, I might just put it on for you! If you’re interested please drop me a message!

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